Fred Lawrence Feldman

The secret is not how much you give. It's how you give…

How to Save the World on $5 a Day provides a fascinating, multi-cultural look at the history and traditions of charitable giving, and offers innovative instruction on the theory and practice of a new form of altruism as a pathway to transforming our lives.

This "Parable of Personal Philanthropy" uses the burgeoning romance between a passionately committed social activist and a creatively blocked artist to explore how even modest charitable giving can lead to personal happiness… a reinvigorated sense of self-worth… and ultimately, spiritual enlightenment.

It's not about amount. It's about intent

Caring, not currency

Mindfulness, not money

In colorful, cliffhanger chapters that advance the story... bring to life charitable fables from all faiths… and introduce the reader to innovative ways to vividly experience the mental and spiritual benefits of personal philanthropy, this enlightening romantic fable offers hope, possibility, and a marvelous glimpse of life as it can be with just a slight adjustment in our perceptions and attitudes.

How to save cover

How to Save the World on $5 a Day is available in paperback, for Kindle, Nook, iBooks and all eReaders.